Sunday, November 04, 2007

Some more things ticked off the moving to-do list

I AM absolutely knackered, we spent the day in the new house painting. So far we have managed to paint the Young Wan's room, the only thing left is to gloss her door and window sill. My room is also completely painted and my door, window sill and frame is glossed, so mark a tick against my room.

I used the last of the 10 litre tub last night on doing the bathroom which needed two coats to cover the green it was previously painted. So this morning I went to the local DIY shop, is it woefully sad to admit t I do enjoy walking around DIY shops, got more paint, bought more lavender plants (I am determined to have wonderful pots of lavender all over my back yeard) before heading back to the house.

So I began at 2pm-ish and gave the bathroom a second coat, glossed the doors and doorframe, then I glossed the little outside hall. All this took me and the Young Wan five and a half hours.

My feet are killing me, my back is yelling at me and I felt ill afterwards from all the paint fumes.

So what is left? The living room and kitchen, painting walls and glossing of doors. I'll go up one night this week after work and start the living room, I really hoped I would have that done this weekend, but how and ever. And that is before the last of the packing is done here.

Next weekend I hope to get some of the lesser-needed furniture moved up, book shelves, my dresser and the sofa. When they are moved along with my plants and other things I can really take stock on the last things to be done. It has been a long move, but it is hard to do while working, without a car and with the outrageous amounts of stuff we have to sort through. So the pace is suiting me, I still feel under pressure with it, but the pace is working.

At some stage soon I will post some before and after pics, or maybe I will leave that until we are in fully and you can get the full picture. Okay I am now officially turning off.

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