Friday, November 23, 2007

RM column November 2nd - On packing rubbish

RM column November 2nd - On packing rubbish

The home move is still ongoing, I tell you it is not easy to do while working and not certainly not easy to sort through some 12 years of hoarding.

Some people are hoarders and some aren’t, we are the former unfortunately for us with regard to the move.

While a lot of stuff has been packed and moved to the new place, the flat doesn’t look like much has been moved at all. So far the Young Wan’s room is kinda moved completely, bar clothes she needs, her bed and some furniture.

And would you believe the room still manages to look like a complete and utter tip, well I would.
So while the packing is an ongoing thing and working full-time means little is done until the weekend – the fact that I don’t drive means even more delays as we wait for obliging friends with transport to help shift stuff.

At the same time we are painting the new place, when I say we, I actually mean mostly me, the Young Wan in terms of overall painting is more of a hindrance than a help. Maybe that is unfair because she was instrumental in providing the finishing touches to the bedrooms.

We would both start with the rollers, while I apply the paint quickly and with as minimal splashage as I can, herself is swooshing paint all over the place, she is covered, I am covered and anything within a particular radius is covered.

On top of that there is a lot of flaffing about; by the time the Young Wan is ready to begin to paint I have nearly the wall rollered.
There is absolutely no point in trying to hurry her along, but we discovered that one thing she is great at doing is going along after me and touching up the areas I can’t reach with the brush. So we are both happy and working away together in harmony and that suits me fine.
The packing is another matter.

Where I am using this move to clear away the clutter and hoarding I talked about earlier, it appears the Young Wan has been doing the lazy man’s burden method of packing.
Despite being told to cull, hard, I have found bags with dubious things in them, such as rubbish, stuff like single socks that I know have been single for some time or bits and pieces of paper.
So not only has some rubbish been packed, stuff that should have been thrown out, but it has been moved to the new house despite the fact that I am trying to make the new house a new start with no clutter.

And now it will have to be unpacked and then thrown out.

She has been warned though that if I find anything like that I will go spare, I will throw a wobbly, so her best bet is NOT to do that with any future packing.

I wouldn’t mind but I have explained really simply what we need to do and the best way to do it not to mention why they are being done that way. Herself has generally ignored those instructions, done it her way and in some cases knocked us back half a day over the short enough weekend moving work because of basically bad packing.

Besides all that things are going well, slowly but well (fingers crossed). And thankfully we are not stuck to deadlines to move which would be a nightmare, it would all get done but it would be a stress-ridden nightmare.

At the rate we are going it could be another couple of weeks, ah well, what can you do?

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