Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cheekiness will not be tolerated so there

I HAVE never been one for cheekiness at all and while the Young Wan is 15 going on 16 years old it is not something I have allowed in herself.

In our house growing up we never did the 'I hate you' shouting at our parents, we wouldn't dare. Though I do remember my brother telling our Dad to feck off once when he was feeling brave and standing at the top of the stairs as my Dad stood at the bottom with his leg in plaster up to his thigh. Trouble was as this was definitely a no-no in our house, the stairs and my Dad's broken leg didn't stop him going up after my brother who made his escape by jumping out his bedroom window onto the coal shed below.

So it has followed in my household, not the leg in plaster and stomping up the stairs bit, but in the back cheek and general cheekiness not being stood for. I hate seeing cheeky kids and there are some cheeky young brats out there, what on earth will they be like as teenagers? I don't mean stifling humour, far from it, but the parents who seem oblivious to disrespect for want of a better word.

Like the many phases kids go through this is an ongoing project. Most phases kids go through are just that phases and something that passes. However cheekiness is an ongoing phase that needs to be constantly checked. The Young Wan isn't cheeky or should that read isn't allowed to be and it is definitely something that is ongoing, the checking I mean.

Take this weekend for example, she was full of it, lots of backchat, insolent comments as well as doing the 'if I ask enough times the answer will be yes, eventually'. Only it didn't work out like that all she managed to do was massively p*ss me off.

At one stage yesterday she grabbed a pair of trousers from the new house saying she needed them for drama. When I got in tonight she was looking all dolled up and I realised in the whole painting and decorating work in the new house I missed something so I asked her tonight 'why did you need those trousers for drama?.

I am sure she regretted her answer as soon as it came out of her cheeky mouth.

*Big Sigh Huff and Puff* 'I didn't say drama I said I was going to the DCU open day' with more attitude than I will stand for. No harm to her but I will not be spoken to by my daughter like I came down in the last shower and haven't a clue. Unfortunately for herself Nanny was also here and also knew she said drama. So she not only had me giving out about the attitude she also had her Nanny giving out.

But all this made the alarm bells ring for me and I have just checked on the internet (God bless it) and the DCU open day was actually last week. Turns out despite being grounded she had an afternoon (well a half an hour after school) with the boyfriend. Ha thats the last time that happens. Honestly at times I could throttle her. But if she wants to be picked up after school by her Nanny this is the way to go.

We will be having more words tomorrow, well I will and she will listen. Ha she probably won't but that hasn't stopped me yet ;)

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Sniffle&Cry said...

There's a lot of it about,

My pal and I are now convinced that you muddle through it. Whatever works. His daughter is 18, mine 13. To be honest my primary concern is for her happiness. I saw her become unhappy for the 1st time in her life this last ( and her first ) term in Secondary. I've become proficient at muddling.