Saturday, October 06, 2007

Young Wan on Jerry Springer

THE Young Wan on Jerry Springer: "that show is for people with no lives 'we have big problems so lets get naked'".

He he.


Deborah said...

:-) Very good! I had a Mum at the local toddler group saying how sheand her three year old watch it every morning together. Sweet eh? ;-) Hate to see that kid in a few years.

I actually met him at Uni... he was doing a seminar there. He got his law degree there. He was very good. An Irish grad student started heckling him saying he was exploiting these people, but he swore he never had to. They came to him! Somehow I believe it too!

Red Mum said...

I have to admit that I am still at the turning over the telly stage with herself at 15.

I am just not comfortable with at lot of the stuff that is becoming mainstream.

Regarding Springer, I do think the exploitation goes both way. But he is in more of a position to benefit that the people on the show. Most of them appear not the full shilling so allowing someone to come on and flash the audience given the intelligence levels is something I find deeply uncomfortable.