Monday, October 22, 2007

On bloppers

I WAS reading Grandad over at Headrambles and this laughed at this bit:

"In the shop, I saw a notice pinned to the wall. To cheer myself up, I read it, as it was from the local Senior Citizens’ Club.

'Dear Friends,
It’s that time of year again when we have our last get-together. With supper, music and dancing. '

What the hell is this about? Senior Citizen Culling? A Lemming Syndrome? I didn’t realise they held an annual mass-suicide.
I won’t be going. I have no intention of popping my clogs just yet."

It also reminded me of a massive blupper a pal made a couple of years back, you know who you are... Or you will do presently.

My pal, her husband and the then new baby moved into a wonderful wee street in a small town. Their neighbours were long-time residents and a few other young families like themselves.

There would be lots of smiling and waving at people until they were at that stage where they knew their neighbours but didn't really know them.

This particular incident saw my pal's mouth engage before her brain.

It was just before Christmas and herself and the hubby were unpacking the car when one of the older neighbours ladden with shopping bags went by.

Hailing my pal the neighbour said "this is the last..." before my pal interjected "Ach the last Christmas?

Apparently the neighbour looked horrified, walked off while my pal's husband just tutted at her.

He he that still makes me laugh.

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