Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Moving again

NOT only are we moving, but here is moving too. Like our house move, God knows when I'll get the packing and unpacking done here. In the meantime has anyone suggestions for a nice clean wordpress template? Will let you know when the move is on.

Coming soon


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the moves, I too am making a move soon, having made a move in the physical sense. Go on, try and guess the url!

Anonymous said...

Yay, Redmum is coming to Wordpress :))

For templates...hmm, I like the classics...K2, Hemmingway. There's one called Mandigo which is quite nice. Good luck!

Red Mum said...

@ Donal, eh could it be donal.ie perhaps ;)

Claire: Thanks for the suggestions, will have a look tonight, hopefully getting some work done then. But I won't hold myself to that either, I am a complete novice where this is regarded.

David Todd said...

just make sure your Wordpress template looks good on Google Reader, my Blogger one does ;-)