Sunday, October 14, 2007

The first load is ready to go

WHO knew I had so much stuff, well actually I did know that but it packing up a house is a long, arduous job. I have found so many things I had forgotten about, photographs, letters, drawings, you name it I have found it.

Some of which will be uploaded to Flickr and other stuff will be piled and filed away into a pile called stuff. You know what I mean, it is indefinable, things from college, certs from past courses, the Young Wan's artwork over the years, cards from herself, postcards, letters, you name it I found it over the weekend.

It has been a slow process with no moving date as such, more an idea of a time, it is easy to come home after work, make dinner, then flop for the evening. Weekends on the other hand are mad, I allow myself Saturday afternoon to relax and then get stuck in. Any other time I have moved I have had a timescale so it is hard working in a kinda vacuum without one. Though it takes a serious amount of pressure off on loads of levels, financially sorting out my current landlord and bills to the actual logistics of moving. I hope to have the use of friends' vans and need to work out when suits them and us and when we are ready to bring in the big guns of packing. Once I get the vans in I am moving the big heavy items so obviously I am not there yet, but I have to say one jaunt in a van with what we have packed so far would be good.

We have been packing away some stuff and stashing it in the Young Wan's room underneath her tall raised bed. Her room is packed away completely, or so she says and at the moment it is like a black bin bag attack in there. Hopefully some evening this week we can get them moved up to the new place. My room is a third done, the living room/kitchen has bits and pieces packed and there is still much to do, not bad for a small two-bedroom place, eh?

My plan is to paint what will be her room and then store what is already packed away in her new room while the rest of the house is sorted. That will leave me more room to continue packing and dumping away. I expect this packing nonsense will dominate a lot of things over the next while so pardon me if I bore you, but it is a massive big deal for us and one I am not going to be able to get away from, so if you are stopping by here neither will you I'm afraid.

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