Wednesday, September 12, 2007


THERE I was trying unsuccessfully to take pics of this perfect line of swans as they swam up the Liffey under the bridges. The low light ensured that I wasn't able to capture the parent and it's six cygnets as I would have liked. So I decided to go one better and film it.

As I was filming I realised that a lad standing on the boardwalk was chucking rubbish at the beautiful line. What a gobsh*te. While they swam onto the next bridge and then took off I thought it would have been more appropriate for them to fly out of the water then and clout the lads with their wings. Maybe the next time. So here's the beautiful and guilty parties.


Rob said...

send it to the Gardai for what good it will do.

I saw similar scum sitting on the boardwalk on Thursday night when I walked down there and they were throwing things at people walking on the boardwalk. The place has become a magnet for scum ever since it was opened.

The Phantom said...

Its not fair to call the culprit here "scum".

Its indeed a relatively young lad. Doing something stupid, as young people, esp males are wont to do.

He's in dire need of a stern word from an authority figure, ideally a six foot four male built like a linebacker.

I doubt to hell that he is any more "scum" than you, and more especially I, were at his age.

Funny, in general I find people in Ireland to be exceptionally well spoken, with the exception of their overuse of the word "scum". Might be time to expand the vocabulary a bit.

Anonymous said...

this is great footage - primary source sociological commentary. I see this young guy wrecking something harmonious and lovely, and i think that he must have little harmony and loveliness in his life or memory, and that that's the problem, that's the shame of it. We've been an incredibly poor and oppressed country for hundreds of years, huge sections of dublin communities are still living with poverty and crime and violence and very heavy drinking by the's all that that this clip conjures up for me. the 'scum' thing confirms to me that the oppressed are always very zealous oppressors.