Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dum dum duuuummmmmm

A DRUMROLL please, tomorrow the Junior Cert results are in... In a couple of hours, my baby will have completed her first cycle of State exams, done and dusted and results in hand.

However it goes we are going to go out and celebrate with dinner. Sure what can you do, as I said before worse things happen at sea. And this time is something to celebrate.

So we'll grab an early dinner with some pals (one has a young baby) and then head back for a mini-party, after all it is still a school night ;)

And isn't that much better than the customary Junior Cert celebrations where they all get dolled up to the nines, get a carry out, get pissed and then finish their night throwing up somewhere.

So tomorrow the Young Wan will be well-behaved and it will be me getting dolled up to the nines, getting a carry out, getting pissed and ending the evening peuking ;) Oh and yeah, wish her/us luck.


Stephen Barnes said...

Loadz of luck to the Young Wan!

Coastal Aussie said...

Congratulations to you both, hope the celebrations are in full swing.