Monday, July 02, 2007

Oh My God

A BIG skip has been sitting in front of the house across the street today and it has been fairly packed since I saw it this morning.

Getting home from work and sitting at the laptop I've been amused to watch people scavange over the contents. Three young wan's had a good old hoke earlier and came away with a stash of stuff. One even climbed up on top, it is a BIG skip, and

Just then I heard an almighty crash and saw two older men hunting about, throwing stuff to the street, smashing stuff.

So I started to record it. It wouldn't be great quality at all, in fact you would probably be lucky to see it nevermind shooting through a big tree, but hey they were throwing stuff about. One of the men disappeared and then all of a sudden I realised that he was actually in the viewfinder having a not-so-very discreet bathroom moment. And not the stand-up kind either! Jaysus I think we are almost impervious to that, you see it so often. The other is just soooo wrong.

And is it not a bit more than strange that his mate waited for him to do this?

After the *ahem* deed was done, they then proceeded to hail a taxi. I mean come on, nearly home and all that.

Seriously, that's fifty shades of wrong. And I, urrgg, caught, urrghh, it, urrgg, on video. Delete, delete, delete.

Uurrgggghhh. I'm off to have a shower.


Maman Poulet said...

Beware the Perils of Citizen Journalism Number 1! Am sure we could come up with 2,3,4,5!

Flirty said...