Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Spideal Abú

I'm just blogging this after a wonderful and long weekend in Spiddal. As I write we are coming into Athlone, there's no air-conditioning on the train so to say it is hot would be an understatement.

But I suppose seeing as how I wanted good weather for the weekend, I am not complaining not after the crazy rain we had on Saturday, but Friday, Sunday, Monday and today were all absolutely gorgeous.

I love going down to visit my pal, her husband and their two babies, it is just bliss and this time was no different.

When I arrived my mobile was bleeping away with all the twitterers and my pal was just amazed at this.

And even more amazed when I explained it all.

'Eh you are saying that people are texting this site saying what they are doing?

I replied sortof, there's more to it than that, but that kinda sums it up for laypeople, particularly as they don't get my blogging either and are only coming to terms with how handy mobile phones are AND recently got a laptop and barely use it.

So all things twitter was one of the jokes of the last couple of days. Everytime my phoned beeped, they would go 'oh that'll be a commercial break then', or 'just getting my dinner', 'should I have a beer or a glass of wine'. You can imagine.

They didn't get it at all not even from my recollections of the fantastic reportage from twitter during the election. No they think I'm sad and all you other twitterers too.

My reply was at least someone texted me, sortof, unlike them who didn't get one the whole weekend ;)

I did get a cool t-shirt from my pal's husband, but I'll post that on its own, it deserves it.

Anyway as usual, here's some pics from the weekend, Spideal Abú.

An tra mor




A quiet moment in Spiddal




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KEYNOTER said...

You take very nice photos. I like the one of the guys in the water