Thursday, June 14, 2007

It's official or about to be

WELL it's official or will be soon, the new/old Government is about to be elected albeit it a little Green around the edges, so failing winning the lottery I will probably be into my 40s before I am ever able to afford a house/apartment, if ever. Nice one electorate, I thank you from the bottom of your wallets. I wonder would some of Bertie's mates help me out with a dig out? After all, I am probably more deserving.


The Swearing Lady said...



Deborah said...

Yeah... join the club. Scandalous. I wonder have lotto sales increased? Course most of that goes to the government too right? *SIGH*

C.K. said...

I am far away...but still dismayed. Our current Canadian federal government totally sucks eggs too. Every day there's some new disappointment followed by masses of people willfully closing their eyes to the fact that our Tory Prime Minister is a fascist (with a bad haircut and zero charisma to boot). Anyway, condolences!