Monday, May 21, 2007

RM April 27 - Not a Romeo

THERE'S been hiccups in the romance field for the Young Wan this week and my hearts gone out to her.

She has seemed a little ‘meh’ about the boyfriend over recent weeks, the fact that she has been chatted up left right and centre may have had something to do with it. But in fairness to her she is not that fickle and there have been a couple of things that have been annoying her. So Romeo’s lost his crown somewhat.

Then it all blew up on Saturday night.

While I was chilling in front of the telly herself was sending text messages back and forth to the young boyfriend.

And from the things she told about what was going on I have to say he is a little bit of a drama queen, throwing the proverbial toy from the pram when he isn’t happy.

At one stage she replied back to him and then heard nothing, so off she went to bed.

Unbeknownst to her until the next morning, he had been replying but as her inbox was full none of the messages were delivered until she turned her phone off over night and back on again the next morning.

Then a load of messages came in stating something along the lines of ‘well if you can’t be bothered replying forget about it’.

What a wee eejit.

So she phoned him and he told her it was over. Then she told him not to worry because she thinks it was lame to text and finish a ten-month relationship. Oh the melodrama of it all.

Course I was listening to this thinking he’ll be calling her before the end of the day. Turns out he called before saying ‘well if you have anything to say I’ll be in town if you want to meet’.

Now as an adult I hate that nonsense. If you want to meet, say so, don’t turn it over to someone else, say whats on your mind.

Anyway she texted him back saying ‘I will be in town if you have anything to say’.

The long and the short of it all is that they have decided to cool things off until after the exams, considering the fact that she will be heading off for the summer with her Nanny, I told her she should have said ‘ach lets leave it till September’.

By the time she came home another two boys were texting her. And they haven’t stopped all week.

So while I am actually quite surprised she hasn’t heard from him, a part of me is a little bit delighted.

His parents were putting a real adult level onto their relationship. One time when he dropped her off with his sister and the Young Wan didn’t invite them in. She made a wise decision because the flat was upside down due to Christmas preparations and Nanny’s arrival.

His mum told him it was because she was hiding a man, seriously. The Young Wan was only 14 at the time and I just wasn’t sure if I should phone her and tell her off. Just because her mind was obviously in the gutter at times doesn’t mean that’s how others operate, particularly young teenagers.

There’s been more comments, more unsavoury comments and part of me is relieved that she no longer has to hear about them, or indeed me, I don’t fancy having to roll up my sleeves to punch some mad-Mum on the nose for being outrageously horrible about my daughter who at the end of the day is a young teenage girl and certainly far from the wiley-woman they were putting on her.

And now I don’t have to, thank God, she would have actually wiped the floor with me.

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Itinerant said...

Hmm...I can't wait until I encounter these issues. Just 11 or so more years - good luck!