Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tagged on five things you might not know about me

I've been tagged by Elana on five things you might not know about me.

1. I was an extra in the movie Some Mother's Son for one of the funeral scenes. You can't see me.

2. I was a child model. Really!

3. I attended school in the States for a short while when I was seven. They put me in a class with other seven year olds and then had to move me up to a class with nine year olds. The school thought I was a child prodigy. I remember thinking the nine year olds were quite stupid because they would ask me all the time how to spell things like 'the'. I now know it's because American kids start school later.

4. My parents split up when I was four or five and my brothers and I lived with our Dad which was somewhat unusual in west Belfast in the 1970s. l I got my parents back together when I was 11. My Dad then moved out when I was 15. (Some of you may already know this because I wrote about getting them back together here.)

5. In primary school most if not all of my teachers fancied my Dad, who was the double of Noel Edmonds, but more handsome. I think he may have had some kind of liaison with my primary two teacher.

So there you go. I couldn't choose and had to forgo telling you about the time someone wanted to buy me from my parents when we were on holiday when I was three/fourish or the time I thought/misheard an American customs woman asked what colour knickers I had on. I won't tag people because I am aware there were other times I was tagged and I forgot to do it. Consider yourself tagged if you want to be.

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The People History said...

I am struggling to understand how different education is between US and UK with 2 children having been through UK school system and 1 on the last year of High School in the US , I still can't figure out where everything fits .
Is UK 6th Form on the same level as senior in US Highschool

Claire said...

Those are great. Do you have any photos from your modelling career, I'm sure they're priceless ;)

(BTW, you're being talked about in the comments of my Street Photography post. All good things!)

Emma in Canada said...

Some Mother's Son is my all time favourite movie.

That's quite interesting about school in the States. We do start school a year or two later here, it was one of my mother's pet peeves, along with the terrible spelling of "all those Canadian children."

Elana said...

I think it's funny that you and Justin were both child models...