Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Parent Teacher meetings *shudder*

UURRGGGHHH I have a parent/teacher meeting tomorrow morning. Last week's column (to be posted here in the next week) concerned the report I recently received which was dire and certainly not in keeping with a young student four to five months away from her first major State exam.

Luckily my job allows me the time off to do this kind of thing. I have worked places where that wouldn't happen at all, not at all. What do parents with young kids do, or indeed those who have to work. In many schools there is an attitude that you do not care if you do not attend. How and ever I can go and I just do not want to. I blogged about this before.

I have been freaked out enough about the lack of study, the nagging from me for months without going into it in depth here. But I feel like not queuing tomorrow and standing in front of the hall in front of all the teachers with all the other parents before shouting at the top of my voice 'okay the long and the short of it all is, the Young Wan is smart, lazy, she is not working enough and needs to seriously pull her socks up and do study. Does that just about sum it all up? Oh there is more, she is great at religion, thanks for that!"

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RamblingMan said...

looking back on it now, when i was in school i hadn't a clue how to study - its not that i didnt think it was important - i just hadnt a clue how to revise properly.

Red Mum said...

I suffered from the same myself, and I think I also suffer from the 'if I nag enough, or tell enough horror stories' it will happen.

She says she loses concentration and I can also understand that, but it won't help at all come June.