Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dublin pics

I HAVEN'T been out and about with my camera as much as I would for myself recently. I always carry my camera but I have been taking a serious amount of pics for work and few for myself. (I think I might actually document how many pics I take for work and myself and how many I actually use.It'll be interesting for me to see the ratios of discarded versus usable images.) Anyway here's some pics which I have managed to do for myself, including an ODs montage.

I enjoyed doing this and will be doing more. I also want to try out what Treasa did here.

I took this one after reading recently a photographer advise to always shoot red. Schindlers List it isn't!

bridge on Goldenbridge
Bridge on Goldenbridge


View from Clontarf
View from Clontarf

O Connell Bridge, Dublin
O'Connell Bridge. I keep passing by the bridges at night and I have to stop some evening (I am normally on the bus) because the reflections up the river are stunning. I love the lights on the bridges.

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C.K. said...

These are fantastic - especially the one of O'Connell Bridge. Makes me wish I was back in Dublin.