Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Thats it for another year

THAT'S for another year. Thank God for that and everything went well. The Young Wan was delighted with her presents and the dinner was absolutely gorgeous. I am not back to work until near the end of next week and all is good. The Young Wan has departed to her boyfriend's house for the evening so it is just myself, Nanny and the doggie lounging about in front of the year. Bliss.

table preparations

One of the many Christmas hits with the Young Wan was the make them yourself gothic Christmas crackers which matched our Christmas table perfectly (he he). The table cloth is older than Nanny, she remembers it as a child on the Christmas table as do I. It isn't Christmas dinner without it. It'll sit on the table for the next couple of days before being packed away again for next year.

emo crackers crackers

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