Friday, December 15, 2006

A Red Mum club sandwich special

I HAD a mad thing happen the other day and I still don't really believe it. Nanny is currently holidaying with us for the season that is in it and she is a great help to say the least because I have been flat out at work with lots of deadlines and not enough time, or so it feels, to get everything done.

One night during the week I was out with work and didn't get home until midnight and I was wrecked. I made a cup of tea and plonked myself on the sofa exhausted, checked my email and went to bed. I did have a thought about making the Young Wan's lunch for the next day and thought 'Nanny will do it - she's great' and off I plodded to bed.

The next day Nanny found a heap of badly made things with bread and cheese covered in tin-foil in the fridge and was ready to give out to the Young Wan for wasting bread and cheese. But the Young Wan swore she didn't touch it.

It appears to have transpired that I have gotten up sometime in the night and made the most horrible and nasty sandwiches obviously for the Young Wan's lunch, wrapped them in tin foil before going back to bed. And I have no recollection of it whatsoever, none, not at all. And there was no alcohol involved despite being party season which may have explained it.

The cheese was cut like doorsteps (yeuck which I wouldn't normally do), there were one round of a club sandwich type thingie, that only had the thickly cut cheese as it's filling, the top layer had nothing but a mad mixture of butter and mayo. Then there were two rounds of two-layer sandwiches with nothing on them at all. They were vile looking. But sure have a look yourself. Anyone for a sandwich I have millions.



A Red Mum Club Special



thegreatweeazoo said...

Those are the most rotten sandwiches I've ever seen. Throw them to the dog!

Boliath said...

They look alright to me but I love cheese sarnies.

Sandwich making in the middle of he night, no alcohol during party season - are you alright?