Thursday, October 26, 2006

RM October 5 - Dating rules

Dating rules

The Young Wan is learning a valuable lesson this week, well I hope anyway, with the introduction of one of the most important rules of dating. And that is friends’ exes are a no-go area (in most circumstances, there are exceptions of course).

Her pal has been seeing this young fella for the last couple of weeks. A gang of them were out in town recently and the Young Wan came back delighted because her pal’s boyfriend had bought her a necklace.

And she was all full of chat about him and I thought ‘mhhh, this doesn’t sound great’.

How and ever this boy rang the Young Wan the other night to say he was going to break up with the pal. So the Young Wan wanted to phone her and having no credit in her phone despite being given €20 on Saturday, another rant another time, she used mine.

At this stage I stepped in and said ‘friend’s boyfriends are off limits, you don’t do that. It causes bad feelings and it is something that you steer away from as far as humanly possible’.

Did she listen to me, of course she didn’t.

I believe that when she phoned her pal to tell her about the fella’s impending breakup scenario that she may have asked if it was okay if she went out with him.

So the next day somewhere in between home time from school to being outrageously late getting home, this boy has finished his courtship with the pal and asked my daughter out.

Charming or what!

It all appears to have gone a bit pear-shaped because the pal phoned her last night saying that she did have a problem with it so the Young Wan has agreed not to see the Romeo himself.

Now if she had listened to me a lot of this could have been saved but hey that would be too sensible and we all know many teenagers do not do sensible.

I got a great response last week from two teenage readers of The Echo about my emo column.

Orla 14 years old said: “I just had to say thank you for the article written in The Echo about the emos. What I am thanking you for is clearing up what an emo is…. After reading your article I was happy to see people writing about the positive qualitys in emos as I am usually slagged in school saying I cut myself and that I want to die. This is all false and thank you for showing the creativity in emos.”

Trish who is 15 said: “I have to say how much people exaggerate on the whole emo situation. People’s views on emo kids are ‘oh they sit in the dark’ or ‘all they do is cry’ or ‘oh they slit their wrists, freaks’ but the majority of people who are emo are the complete opposite… I don’t understand why emo gets the most slagging when all they do is dress a certain way and listen to a certain music, but is that not the same for people who like metal music? It is… Personally I am proud to dress emo and listen to the music because it is what I like and everyone is different.”

Thanks for your emails and just so long as you are happy do any labels matter?

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