Monday, October 16, 2006

New addition to Blogger Beta

Oohhh Blogger Beta have added another new feature which makes adding labels to posts so much easier. Up to now I have been going into each past post and adding labels which is time-consuming and labourious. For those who do not know Blogger, adding labels is a new feature, so while you can add them to posts as you go along, I had some 300 posts without labels.

I like the labels, it means I can categorise all my posts into topics like Flickr, teenagers and so on. So if someone is interested in looking at all my columns, they can click on RMColumns and see them all. It has also meant that I have been able to tidy up the site a bit and clear off a lot of the old lists I had on the side bar.

When you go into edit posts, you see a list of all your posts and a drop-down bar with all your tags listed. You can tick each post and add an existing or new label to all the posts at once. Excellent. Adding labels is still time-consuming but this new way is much quicker and easier. Nice one.

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