Saturday, September 30, 2006

Teenager responds to emo post

I RECEIVED a lovely email from a reader in response to my last post which appeared in The Echo this week. I'll let her do the talking.


Hi this may be a wierd e-mail but i just had to say thank you for the
article written in this weeks "the echo" about the emos!
what i'm thanking you for is clearing up what an emo is! i'm a self
confessed emo although without the black hair unfortunity born blonde! my
parents i think a bit worried by the term emo when i first told them about
it but after reading your article i was happy to see people writing about
the posative qualitys in emos as i am usually slagged in school saying i cut
myself and that i want to die this is all false and thank you for showing
the creativity in emos!

that might have been wierd but i really and truly had to say thank you

by the way my name is XXXXXXXXXX i'm a 14 year old emo in third year

Glad to help! And I am even more delighted that I have tangible evidence that someone is actually reading the column.

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