Friday, September 22, 2006

RM September 7 - Teenage courting

The Young Wan went a-courtin

Would you believe the Young Wan has two boyfriends on the go at the moment? Here I am single and she is courting two keen young men, go figure!

There is the wee fella she met before finishing school for the summer and the other is a holiday romance she had under the watchful eye of her Nanny while in Turkey.

Part of me thinks ‘Jaysus you are only 14 this is all a bit mad’ the other part thinks in true Oprah-style ‘You go girl!

The holiday romance involved a Turkish boy who tried to give her his number when he met her and sensible Young Wan promptly handed it over to her Nanny.

Then Nanny was approached by the lad’s uncle who asked if they could go on a date. Nanny agreed but only under her watchful eye.
And fair play to the lad who sat on a date with the Young Wan and her Nanny not far away.

Since she has come home from holiday he has been texting her like mad telling her he loves and misses her, I suspect she will get fed up with it quite shortly.

The other lad she knows from school. He knows nothing about the Turkish boy who in turn knows nothing about Dublin boy.

And she loves the attention and why shouldn’t she?

It is frightening just how old and grown up she looks at only 14 years old. I know I didn’t look older than my years, I looked younger.

It is something that I find funny when people think we are sisters. The typical thing we get is in cabs when the driver will say something like ‘are you out for the night girls?’

The Young Wan also loves this. I think she thinks this is a step closer to getting out for the night.

I suppose in one way it is.

During a trip to Tesco over the weekend she was chatted up by men she said were about my age and seeing how anyone over 20 is old I will take that with a pinch of salt. Anyhow one fella was messing telling his mate he wouldn’t go for another drink. As the Young Wan passed by his friend asked her if he should go for one. And she said yeah. Only he said he wouldn’t without her.

And she laughed and said ‘that would be lovely only I am 14 but you should see my mum. She is about your age and looks like me only older and taller. Apparently they wanted her to send me down!

Maybe that should be my tact, to have my daughter find me a date. But I am not sure I would trust her judgement, although it could not be worse than mine…

One of the best things about all this is the confidence it is giving her. Teenage girls and I suppose boys too have a hard time during these turbulent years so any injection of confidence in themselves has to be welcomed.

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