Friday, September 22, 2006

RM August 24 - Turkish Delights

SINCE my honey, the Young Wan, has been away in Turkey with her Nanny we have been keeping in touch by the phone and through instant messaging on the internet. Great fun altogether.

She is having an absolute ball and is as good as gold helping out her Nanny in the café she runs. But she is not at all looking forward to returning home to Dublin.

Course it is an exam year for her with the Junior Cert and neither of us are looking forward to it. Seeing all the celebrations and commiserations of those doing the Leaving Cert who have just got their results gives the shivers at the thought of the year ahead.

I am determined to get her into a study routine from day one, just a little each night. ‘Sundays to Thursdays you are mine, but if you study the weekends are yours to do what you want with’ I have told her. I hope she gets it.

We recently got her report and it wasn’t great at all. Most say her grades do not reflect her ability. I didn’t need to read it on her report to know that, after all some of you may remember in a previous column where I spoke of her (non) attempts to study. One of which involved lying on the floor sleeping with a book covering her face.

The way I figure it is that a little each night will lessen the amount of work she will need to do in the run-up to the Junior Cert. (Even typing that is making my stomach go.)

I intend to get her grinds in maths more for the confidence factor, she thinks she is no good at maths but if you do not work at it do not be under the illusion that it should come to you automatically, it will not.

I reckon that an hour of one to one attention with a grinds teacher should be worth a 14 year old’s feeble attempts of studying for the week. I also think that money permitting I might try to get science grinds to but maybe just every fortnight or so.

But for now she is enjoying the Turkish sun and her much-needed holiday, Nanny is not enjoying beating the fellas off her.

Nanny spotted a young Turkish boy chatting her up and giving her his phone number. Fair play to the Young Wan because she came straight into her Nanny and gave her the number.

Then the boy’s uncle asked Nanny would there be a chance that the boy would be able to take the Young Wan out on a date.

Nanny went okay but only if take place in the café and nowhere else.

So he came along and told her how beautiful she is and how he loves her, the lad seems to have fallen hard and what he doesn’t realise is that my darling agreed to the date because she fancies his mate.

Ah the fickleness of teenagers, don’t you just love it.

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