Friday, August 18, 2006

Grrrr Blogger Beta

BEEN trying to log onto Blogger Beta with all sorts of cool bits and pieces including tags but have had no joy at all:(


From the sounds of others it might be a bit fiddly but sure a couple of sessions messing about will sort all that out. Anyway I still have to wait...

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KT said...

Yeah I was unceremoniously re-directed due to a glitch in name vs. Gmail that I never foresaw. It's been hellish and I don't notice a dang thing different really. Why put us through this crap is beyond me.

CyberScribe said...

Every time I read about "beta blogger" I'm reminded about medication called "beta blockers" I'm wondering is there a link. Is this intended so that bloggers will need to take beta blockers to function.
I think I'll stick to an odd glass of wine and an odd pint now and again (strange practice for someone living in Ireland :-))

Curly K said...

Beta Blogger is a bit clunky at the minute and the logging on thing if you want to comment on others blogs is a farce but think it has potential when they've sorted out all the glitches and added some more functionality