Saturday, August 12, 2006

From Dublin to Donegal

I GOT back last week from a hectic but fantastic week away from Dublin. I started off my bank holiday weekend by going up to Belfast with some pals from Dublin. We did the north coast scenic road up to the Giants Causeway which is a highly recommended trail for everyone to try at some point.

Giants Causeway
Giants Causeway

While my pals headed back to Dublin on Monday, I headed up to Donegal with the doggie in tow where I met up with another pal.

We had a wonderful week with lots of walks on beautiful beaches, laughs, not to mention the occasional running after a very enthusiastic and happy dog.

The doggie found the travelling hard, not to mention the fact that she got little sleep, not when there was my pal’s beautiful two daughters to play with. So she has been sleeping since we arrived back last night, poor thing. But she loved it all.

She even endured the humiliation of the doggie carrier because she started to associate it with a trip in the car to the beach. I can report the bag itself is a dream and much easier to handle than the plastic animal carriers you can buy.

Anyway here are some pictures from the week, with more on Flickr, and more to be posted in the coming days.

I’m off now cos I am still knackered.

Giants Causeway
Giants Causeway


Donegal, just outside Downings

Honey on the Giants Causeway
Honey at the Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway

Light on the bay
Outside the Giants Causeway

Downings, Donegal

Through the window

Murder Hole
If you look closely you can see the very small child at the left hand side which shows the scale of this beautiful beach called the Murderhole.

Music in Downings Bar

Downings bar.

Donegal team shirts out to dry

Donegal shirts out to dry, I took an almost identical picture in the same spot about 10 years ago, must hunt that out.

beaches are grrreeeaatt

The doggie just loved the beaches.

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Coastal Aussie said...

It all looks and sounds wonderful!

Coco said...

Hi, thanks for the link to your Frickr, I will check it out later. Your Giants Causeway photos are also amazing. I really cannot wai to get there soon.


ainelivia said...

Donegal just outside Downings. Beautiful photo.

Omaniblog said...

You remind me of my visit to Giant's Causeway in 1995. Great place, great stones, wonderful to look down on and astonishing to get close to. The walk along the cliff is lovely, isn't it?

were you tempted to go over the Carrig-a-rede rope bridge? Not that far away I think.

Red Mum said...

I have a mortal fear of heights Omani and did do the rope bridge in the early 1990s.

I remember the fear crossing the bridge and sitting on the island afterwards thinking how on earth are they going to get a helicopter out to pick me up here. So I braced myself and made my way back over.

But the fella I was going out with at the time made the bridge bounch on purpose because I had asked him not to and I froze absolutely and utterly petrified.

Thankfully the man who was directing people talked me off with the classic lines 'don't look down, look at me, LOOK AT ME'. I remember seeing some Japanese tourists walk down, take one look at my face, and turn on their heels.

Jaysus getting the shivers even thinking about it.

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments:)