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The First Gig - RM column July 27

Apologies this has been posted before so I'll put up a couple of the last Red Mum columns at the same time so as not to bore you completely

The Young Wan recently went to her first gig in HMV with a pal and without me and she was sooo excited. Her excitement was palpable since I said she could go. She was so delighted that people only needed to look at her sideways before she would say 'I'm going to a gig!' She was thrilled. And I enjoyed laughing at her telling all and sundry 'I'm going to a gig' 'did I say I was going to a gig' 'I'm off now to the gig I was telling you about'.

Deciding what to wear was also fun. The cool (as in not warm - but it is actually cool-looking on her) dress was a no-no because she would be moshing and her sandled feet could be a problem. I said then don't mosh because you will be roasting in those jeans in this weather. Ah Mammies - we are just too sensible for our own good. Just one question though do people mosh in a record shop?

Ah the innocence of it all brings an auld tear to the eye.

However you should consider the fact I brought her to the Pixies and Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert in the Phoenix Park two years ago. Despite my thoughts on that being a very cool thing for a mum to do.

My own mum used to bring me to Sonny Knowles concerts so I think a lot of credit is due to me. I also brought the Young Wan to Justin Timberlake and other concerts. But nah a lunchtime gig in HMV with some band she had never heard of before is well cooler. Mummies are just not cool.

The best person to tell us more is probably herself so it is over to the Young Wan.

Young Wan: “I went to my first gig on Friday.

“It was uh be polite or honest ok it SUCKED. The band was indie and I hate indie. It is soooooooo boring, it is all old. It was in HMV on Grafton Street and there were about 50 people there. There was no moshing (head banging) whatsoever. Well I am proud to say I did my best but I ended up knocking over a stack of Shirley Temple’s greatest film hits on dvd (she had it coming!!!!).

“So we moved very quickly to the front of the gig. Then we saw him. He was tall with long blacky-brown hair and about 16. I didn’t fancy him or anything but he was wearing a t-shirt, a t-shirt whose logo represents my hopes and dreams, a t-shirt which read in clear bold red writing PANTERA (the best band of all time). Wooooooooooooooo we were not alone in this gig. I told my friend Jay so we went over and got talking to him. Then we talked some more and before we knew it it was the end of the gig.

“Jay had to buy a CD of the band for her mum because we got the tickets after her Mum met them on a flight to Dublin. So Jay got the band to autograph it for her mum. After the gig me, jay and the guy we met went around town for a while we had a great time and exchanged e-mail addresses.

“The moral of the story is beware indie bands.”

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