Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bears mauled - dog goes beserk

I SENT a link to TCAL today a story in the Guardian about a guard dog that mauled a very expensive teddy bear collection which was only allowed on display IF there was a dog to guard them.

Barney the doberman guard dog stands over the remains of the soft toys he mauled. Photograph: Jon Mills/SWNS

Brilliantly written with lots of laughs, I roared out loud when I read the last line
"We have asked the security firm not to send us that dog again," Mr Medley said. "I really don't want to see anything bigger than a Jack Russell."
Well my doggie is no bigger than a Jack Russel and I dread to think what damage she could do in there. From my experience with dogs, they are not the ones to mind/watch/guard teddies.

In cold blood

The aftermath

Soft toy minus its innards

Wasn't me

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Damien Mulley said...


Looks like butter wouldn't melt in your doggie's mouth. Cute.

Red Mum said...

I can tell you, if she was left in a room full of expensive teddies it would look similar to the first pic, that would be doggie heaven for her.

I love the expression on Barney the doberman's face, he must have had an amazing night, the CCTV footage (if there is any) must be hilarious.