Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Normal posting will resume shortly

I HATE to start this by saying I have been a bad blogger, but I have so there you go. Work's been mad busy, home life has been even more so and to top it all, my pal Tetra has just given birth to a gorgeous baby girl and I have been trying to help out where I can.

It is clear that whoever named labour was a man because if it was a woman she would have probably called it something like hell on earth with a beautiful baby at the end. Most women I know who have been through the experience would have gladly done a day's labouring, even hard labour with bread and water instead of the actual labour. How and ever nature has a wonderful way of making you forget the monumentous pains of giving birth otherwise the human race would have died out.

So for those of you who stop by here who know Tetra and who haven't met her beautiful baby here's some pics. I have loads more on Flickr but most are marked private as they range from her being in the delivery suite to the baby's fourth day. I'll pass on links to the gang if you email me.

Tetra is doing fine, still sore, outrageously tired but coping amazingly. The baby is beautiful and can pull the most amazing faces as well as possessing an amazing ability to move around her cot and she is a wee dote and so far not at a bother (long may that continue).

So many, many congrats Tetra you did a wonderful job and she is an absolutely beautiful baby. Well done:)


Baby Hendron - just born

Baby Hendron - just born

Nephew Stephen offers his name suggestions - Day 2
Suggestions for names from the family

A new arrival - Day 2
Taken on baby's second day

Baby H - Day 2

Little feet - just born

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cc said...

What a beautiful baby. Congratulations to Tetra. I'm absolutely delighted for me auld pal!! Every blessing to her and bambina and to you Redmum for the lovely pics!!

Boliath said...

Congratulations Tetra, what a gorgeous little girl, so sweet and so alert, wow! The amnesia affect hasn't hit me yet, the little fella is 20 months old and I remember his birth in exquisite detail!

KnackeredKaz said...

Congrats Tetra!

Emma in Canada said...

Redmum, you take such amazing photos and she is an absolutely beautiful baby.