Friday, June 09, 2006

Snippets of thoughts from the Young Wan

WE have had a bit of a funny day with all sorts of random teenage nonsense, must be the sun - here is a snapshot of the day.

Young Wan: "The tears hurt my eyes" – in true wanna-be Goth style! What can you say to this except to attempt to sing it in a kinda dark and menacing way ala Marilyn Manson

Later I asked her: "Am I allowing you to use the phone or am I being a pain in the arse?

This was a rhetorical statement to back up the fact that she could phone her friend but she had to rinse out the dishes first which was met with the stroppiest manner ever.

To my question she said 'Yes'.

So I replied 'pardon' and she went (louder) 'Yes'.

Then she realised she was actually agreeing that I was allowing her to use the phone and I was/am a pain in the arse and laughed heartily.

And why is it that at home sometimes when I ask her something she mutters, mumbles and I have to keep asking her to repeat herself louder and louder.

Yet when we are on a bus, she happily tells stories very loudly that she has to be asked ‘are you telling the whole bus or just me?’.

She has also recently found the microphone of her long abandoned karaoke machine and has been singing along to Brian Adams because *ahem* it is (allegedly) the only tape she can find.

Thankfully she has stopped serenading the street and appears instead to be making some kind of farting noise that is travelling out her bedroom window and through the air into the living room window where I am trying to chill out.

She just came in and asked me if she can sing. And she always could, though you cannot hear it from this evening's performance.

I remember during one holiday Karaoke event where she sang Leann Rimes (or however it is spelt) 'How can I live without you' where she hit perfectly that mad note in 'how can I ever, ever surrRRRVIIIVVEEE'.

Tonight has been a different matter.

She just asked me pointedly there can she sing and I said 'well you used to be able to, I don’t know what is happening in there now'. It appears she wasn't happy with her accompaniment to 'Summer of 69'.

“I thought I could sing, but well just then…”

Then she said 'wouldn't that be a good blog? The Young Wan discovers she can't sing!
Already on it darling, already on it.

[No mention of the world cup you will notice, I don't know whether to run away or go with the flow.]

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Amanda said...

ahh, those wonderful teenage years *shiver*.

Emma in Canada said...

Summer of '69 brings back such fond memories of my childhood. If you ever happen to hear of a Canadian band called Great Big Sea coming over to Dublin (and they have a time or two) I would highly recommend taking the Young Wan as they always seem to get the crowd to sing that song. Maybe that's just in Canada though. Still, worth going!