Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Is anyone sick of the sunshine?

Evening Herald letters2

While everyone is smiling at each other, happy in the sun, delighting in the weather R Cullen in Dublin is sweating and not happy and asks is anyone else sick of the sunshine.

Pah Humbug

My favourite line is “all the normally beautiful women were squinty and blotched”. What an image? I haven’t seen the squinty blotchy women but then I wear sunglasses so I might just be looking at things through rose-coloured spectacles. Who knows and who cares, it is too sunny and too lovely for moaning…

Dancing mad men 2.jpg
Enjoying the sun on Grafton Street

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KnackeredKaz said...

Er, actually, it's 30 degrees in my un-airconditioned office so I'm, er, kinda sick of the sun now! Well, during working hours anyway. After 6pm, it's heaven!

I'm just about to write my column about being single in the sun and also why beer bellied men feel the need to show their guts off the second the temperature rises above I'm partially in agreement with the letter writer! Though you're right, enough moaning, it's summer!