Saturday, June 03, 2006

DCUK off

FORGET the Bravia add with all the superballs, even forget the 'You've been tangoed' replica with lots of fruit, spectators on Dublin's quays this afternoon were witness to a new world record attempt for charity where 150,000 rubber ducks were dropped into the River Liffey to race. Unfortunately they didn't seem to want to race at all!

It looked great and I do not pity those who have to clean up after all the fun and frolics though some three hours after the launch there were people in boats chucking loads of ducks up at people. The Young Wan and I got five and the doggie loves them. She has been sitting with them all around and she is randomly attacking them for looking at her sideways, mighty craic altogether.

I was going to post this on the Dublin Blog but Heidi beat me to it, grrrr. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Though I was probably being quite cheeky, I hope not, when I posted some pics. Do check out her post too and there are also a load more pics on Flickr.

More ducks anyone

Cutting through the ducks


There's always one

How many ducks is this

Ducks ahoy

Her ducks

Ducks through the bridge

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Boliath said...

Love the pic of yer woman with the ducks in her pockets, great pics as always. Did they get the record?

Anonymous said...

I loved all of these photos especialy the one with the ducks in the pockets. Sheer brilliance

Alan in Belfast said...

Brilliant pictures

The Phantom said...

These photos are very good. Are you self-taught, or have you taken classes?

And a question- the photos you've posted don't permit them to be borrowed by bloggers. Is that intentional?

Donal said...

Brilliant photos. I would have loved to be up there for this.

Red Mum said...

Thanks everyone - it was too good a photo opp to miss.

The Phantom: I have always loved photography since I was a young teenager and was lucky to study it in my 20s, though I have to say it took me years afterwards to pick up a camera and be creative. It was a bit like it was taught out of you. Sometimes a little knowledge can be dangerous. For example, before studying I would have just taken pics, then knowing more about it you think too much and not take as many.

I have lost that now, thankfully. Besides which digital makes such a world of difference, and I am still learning that.

About the pics on flickr I have marked them that they cannot be downloaded but people only need to ask and I happily send them on. But you know yourself once its on the internet it is copyiable (sp) and people can just 'save pic as' on the blog. And do! :)