Thursday, June 29, 2006

A cool Flickr link to check out

YOU must check this out, I spotted this on Flickr Blog and it is so cool. The National Museum in Liverpool has undertaken a really exciting project with some Liverpudlian Flickrites where they were given a particular time period to reproduce photographs taken by Stewart Bale Ltd in the 1950s.

I've never heard of Stewart Bale Ltd and the site explains "Stewart Bale Ltd was an advertising and printing business in Liverpool that specialised in commercial and architectural photography. The client list included famous Liverpool names such as Cunard, Meccano and Coopers."

So off the members went to recreate their shots and what is even more interesting for me anyway is the modern day photographers explain why and what they did.


pic from Pete Carr

It would be cool to have a project like this, I remember years ago when I first moved to Dublin seeing a Fr Brown exhibition where a photographer of the day reproduced some of his shots of Dublin.
p green in fog 1944

Do check out the links and do click on the modern day images and leave a comment, you may have to register for a Flickr account(if you haven't one already) to comment but that may not be such a bad thing:)

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