Saturday, May 27, 2006

Parallel parking - not

No doubt many drivers in Dublin hate the parking regime that has take over Dublin in recent years, and being a pedestrian I do not share those views, it is clear that the parking restrictions help keep the traffic moving. And thats a good thing.

But every now and again you see someone parking in the worst possible place, ie a bus lane preventing bus loads of people from getting to work.

And today I saw this piece of parking which made me go WHAT! While all the other cars were parked parallel to the road as they should, not this one. So enjoy.

Bad parking 1

Bad Parking 2


Rick O'Shea said...

Genius :-) Ran a series on my blog a while back called "Park Jobs Of The Rich & Famous" but gave up after there were just too many :-)

They're worth a laugh though and have links back on each to the one before:

Enjoy :-)


PS Thanks for the congrats - cheers...

Omaniblog said...

Interesting registration number. Do you know who that car belongs to? Good job you don't publish your address. But I admire you for having the courage to shame that person.
Do you know where they were meant to be at that time? Brilliant. I wonder how widely your blog is read. Something tells me your hit are going to surge.
Good weather in Cork.

Donal said...

Lovely parking. Interesting to note that the learner driver managed to park no problem.

Reminds me of the post on the Dublin Blog a while back, which omaniblog also commented on. Funny old world.

Red Mum said...

Omani: I think the brave person, or should that read stupid, is the person who parked this way! That stretch of the road like most in Dublin is clampers paradise...

Rick: I saw yours and laughed heartily at the time and have had half an idea to add to them but only actually snapped this so far despite having many other opportunities to do so.

Donal I also saw those on Dublin Blog and laughed as well...

It does amaze me that people think they will get away with this.

John Self said...

As Kurt Vonnegut (83 years old) said: "People say that when you get older, your hearing is the first thing to go. In fact, reverse parking is the first thing to go. Please don't watch while I try to do it."

Kate Mangan said...

John: Are you sure that's what he said? I know he said something similar in Timequake... "They say the first thing to go when you're old is your legs or your eyesight. It isn't true. The first thing to go is parallel parking" - page 25 of my copy.