Sunday, April 23, 2006

Tóg go bog é - An Spiddeal

I TOOK time off work this week and the Young Wan, the doggie and I headed off to spend some time with an old and dear friend (well not old, she’s been a friend since we were at school) who now lives in Spiddeal, Galway.

Doggie goes a-travelling

I love Spiddeal and I love Connemara and I love spending time with my pal, her hubbie and their two gorgeous babies course it also gives the Young Wan a chance speak As Gaelige to people who live speaking it and me to show myself up.


Over the couple of days there was a birthday party, walks on the beach, wonderful dinners, mighty craic and hours of fun with the babies.

Run Away

Friday had to be the warmest day of the year so far because it was fantastically scorchingly sunny and we were at the beach, bliss. We saw kids swimming (kids are mad and made of stern stuff, asbestos I think) and a bride and groom getting their wedding pics taken.

Spring swim

Spring bride

I also spent a large amount of time over the last number of days persuading, unsuccessfully I think, to turn my friend onto blogging either perusing or actually blogging. They are not currently on-line but plan to in the short term which I think will be great for them.

But I am completely knackered and happy to be home now with a day to chill before going back to work.

Jaysus two wee boys, ages two and one respectively, are hard work – great fun and outrageously adorable but hard work.

The Young Wan and I not to mention the doggie are all cream-crackered.

The dog got little sleep and was driven demented by the household cat, the kid’s footballs which were out of bounds cos the dog manages to burst them all, the neighbours’ dog, the country air, the noises, the smells, the lot.

She loved it but she was first at the door when we got back to Dublin with her two cute paws up at the door and her tail and bum wagging.

Infinity and beyond

I’ve just included a couple of the absolute hundreds of pictures I took, God I love digital cameras, I will include more over the next week when I get a chance to go through them.

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Bernie said...

You snapped some absolute gems. Thanks for Flickrising them.

daydreamer said...

Fab photos, so much action in all of them.

Sinéad said...

Love your doggie - what's his/her name?