Sunday, April 30, 2006

Magnum Ireland at IMMA

I WROTE a piece on the Dublin Blog about our afternoon's visit to the Magnum Ireland exhibition at IMMA, you can check it out here.

Magnum Ireland IMMA

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Omaniblog said...

I wish you'd written more about the exhibition. Maybe I'm being lazy but I was hoping you'd review more of the photos and I could find out what's there.

I don't even know how long it's on for.

Red Mum said...

It's ongoing until June 18th. And there are the pictures you expect like all the Bloody sunday pictures and other pictures from all that time.

There are also some gems of markets in the 1950s from all around Ireland and they are stunning. As I said in the post on it was very hard to see who did what and when. each individual photograph needs to have its own title and that isn't how it is laid out at all. I think I caught it on a mad busy day and it made it hard to have a good peruse.

It is interesting to note that I wasn't the only one to have the complaints I did about the exhibition, again they are on

But I will go back because I want to spend time enjoying it. At the moment I feel as if I just saw it, briefly. And I was disappointed by the experience of the layout and cramped feeling of the exhibition.

Hopefully that was due to the numbers of people there.

Omaniblog said...

Thank v much. Now I can plan to see it too. I need another Dublin experience soon.
It's great that the exhibition has attracted so many people. Must say something about the taste of modern Irish people?