Monday, April 17, 2006

Funny internet moments

I'VE had a couple of funny internet moments in the last 24 hours, one was a deja-vu moment courtesy of a conversation I had with the Young Wan five minutes before seeing this post by Bernie.

I had just been moaning that despite being up and about for two hours the Young Wan had ignored the pile of clean dishes waiting to be put away and added new dirty ones to the sink. My point was that at 14 I shouldn’t have to tell her to do these, she should see them and do them because they need done.

Then I read on Bernie’s post about what Young Wans should be able to do by particular ages and I laughed heartily. Even the Young Wan said ‘cook a meal, I couldn’t cook a meal if you paid me!’when she read it. And if I needed this hammered home anymore than that I just witnessed it when I had to talk her through toasting a bagel for lunch.

Anyway Bernie reports on Clare Paterson, who states:

By age 7, they should be able to make their sandwiches, set the table and wash up. By 10, change the bed and operate the dishwasher. By 13, cook a meal, change a fuse and bleed a radiator. By 14, use the washing machine, sew on a button, clean out the drain in a sink, change a lightbulb.

For me, I know the Young Wan is well capable, though to see our flat you would never realise that, particularly her room, my room, the whole bloody place.

This has more to do with absolute laziness though than competency. She will step over stuff in her doorway and it has become a leisure pursuit for me to watch and count to see how long these items remain. And I can tell you they never bother her at all, just me.

We just do too much for them. Even at times I think I expect too much, and then I realise that is a Mummy-guilt thing more than anything else. I had jobs to do growing up and so does she.

So when the dishes have been washed and are harbouring more germs and filth than before, I will go mad. I’ve said it before but when she first started washing dishes they were done to perfection, now the only thing done is me.

(Thanks Bernie I know what I'll be writing about this week for the column:).)

The other internet moment was last night when someone emailed me while I was on line asking if I had a pic. Maybe the wine dulled my senses but I hadn’t a clue what they were talking about thinking they had emailed from my flickr account.

No, that wasn’t it at all.

Turns out after some exchanges he stumbled across my blog and decided to chance his arm and email me. So I checked and saw that he had actually stumbled across my blog by searching for ‘Mums in bed’. For his efforts he found a pic of my doggie and daughter’s feet poking out the bottom of my bed.

So I emailed back laughing. He was more than gobsmacked that I had found this out. Needless to say I doubt any of this is what he expected.

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Suzy said...

LOL ... so statcounter is more of a friend than google at certain times! Would have loved to see the look on his face when he got your email!

Daragh Mc Grath said...

lol, aye, that's a classic alright! Though, in fairness, he could have been searching for far worse!!

tawdreyaudrey said...

or let's not forget the one who was searching for red bum!

Red Mum said...

LOL, I must do another post on the strange searches again cos there has been some mad ones, including red bum.

Emma in Canada said...

Some of those ages and chores seem way off. I would think that the average 10 year old could throw on a load of laundry. Of course, my fella can't so why should a child be able to? At my advanced age, I would have no clue how to change a fuse and I don't even know what bleed a radiator means so I wouldn't be expecting mine to do that at 13. Course my two oldest are practically useless so I'm not the best parent to say anything.

KnackeredKaz said...

Ha! By 13 cook a meal?! I'm 27 and as per my last blog post, I can't cook a meal yet! I forced my parents to eat charred mass of yuck! So maybe count your blessings on that score Red Mum..who knows what the Young Wan would force you to eat!

Omaniblog said...

These lists of what people should be able to do by whatever age... aren't they good for nothing? Usually they are absolutely boring. I'd much prefer a list of what someone is able to do. People can do so many things that it forces the writer to think about what they are saying. When you have to choose from 100 things someone can do, it makes you think...

I'd like to know more about what young wan can do...

Curly K said...

LOL: Jesus, that poor bugger must have got some land when you emailed him back - do you realise you might have scarred him for life - he might never feel the same about "mums in bed" again, ha, ha :-)

I wonder what age he is and what appears on the list of things he can do!