Thursday, March 16, 2006

Teenagers are mad

Coming back from my train journey today to Cork and back, I spotted this teenagers coming off my train in Heuston Station.

What on earth is that on their feet/legs? I seriously don't know.

Are they boots, or some kind of furry leg warmer thing?

Crazy boot things by two


Phil said...

I think i'd like boots like this, but i dont think they are seen as being very masculine. Maybe if someone invented boots with fur concealed on the inside? Obviously not in this fluorescent colour

Britmum said...

Wow weird or what? Definately don't see fashion like that over here. LOL

Dick O'Brien said...

You've never seen those yokes before? I've no idea what they're called though. Used to think they were Ug boots until I discovered Ug boots were something completely different.

chidorian said...

It looks like "loose socks" to me.
Loose socks were popular among Japanese school girls.
But most are white...

Link : Loose socks - Wikipedia

Red Mum said...

Thanks for that Chidorian.

I checked the loose socks and these mad coverings flapped about.

The material was like something you see in the Muppet Show or Sesame street on the muppets.

Anonymous said...

furry leg warmers of course