Thursday, March 16, 2006

Blogging to do list

THERE are quite a few debates going around the Bogosphere that I want to contribute to at the moment as well as a post in the making that I haven’t started yet prompted by a post by The Big Drought (by the way a big round of applause for the non-drinking year soon to be over) on pregnancy and public ownership for want of a better phase.

However I just haven’t done that one yet but shortly… As well as that topic, the women and blogging theme again for want of a better word is another one I want to contribute too, I have really been enjoying what people have thrown into the ring.

So they are on the way. I have a train journey tomorrow so maybe I’ll move a step forward in my computerness and take my laptop with me, something I have never done before, but the thought of clearing out things or more-so ticking off my blogging to do list could spurn me along to do just that.

In the meantime, I snapped these pics today and yesterday on Merrion Square where the funfair is being assembled for St Patrick’s Day/Festival as well as other pictures taken at the Merrion Hotel where many of us broke the blogging blind date ice (I thought that was a perfect term JL Pagano) on Saturday evening.

Up high
(I personally like this pic large, check it out here)

Half a big wheel

Then I saw all the yellow-coated construction workers doing constructioney things so I turned my camera on them. I could see they were talking about me snapping them. So I shouted ‘givvus a wave’ and they did. Thanks lads:)

Wave for the photographer

I think the doorman in the Merrion Hotel picture deserves a medal for chivalry; he is an absolutely charming man who cuts a dashing figure in his caped uniform.

I have seen him help elderly women out of taxis who are not even going to the hotel never mind how warm and welcoming he is to the hotel’s guests and charm-personified to passing tourists. And there he is smiling away. He’s a gentleman.

Merrion Hotel 2

Merrion Hotel

If you are out and about over St Patrick’s taking pictures please include them to the St Patrick’s Day around the world group on Flickr. All contributions gratefully accepted.

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