Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I LOOKED out the window earlier and there was lovely snow falling all around. I grabbed my coat and camera and by the time I made it out to St Stephen’s Green, it stopped.

Back at work, it started up again, so I tried to snap something, anything.

On a different note thank God I have the living room heater on a timer for when we get home. Bbrrrrrrr.

Shopping in the snow, bbrrrr

Not enough snow for a snow ballSnowy Dublin

More snow

And for all you people who actually get snow, like real heavy snow, which lies on the ground for weeks and weeks, this is nothing. Yet are we prepared when we do have bad weather? not at all.

Here’s a pic from Smitten’s Flickr photostream aptly entitled People have seriously more fun than us.

Smitten's fun pic

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KnackeredKaz said...

Very true. The second there's a flake of snow the whole country shuts down. I'm sure other more northerly countries do be laughing at us.

"Haaa look at the Eye-rish...see how they shiver when it's barely into minus figures outside...the wimps, no wonder they're neutral they'd never survive a war...bwah ha ha"

Emma in Canada said...

It must happen all over, Kaz. When it snows for the first few times here, there are always plenty of accidents and we always wonder if people forget where they live. I only ever remember things closing down once, and that was for a gigantic storm.