Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Funny Liveline programme on now

TUNE into Joe Duffy on RTE now with John Waters complaining about his song entry for the Eurovision not being acknowledged by RTE. It is like April Fools and Valentines Day all wrapped up in one funny package.

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Suzy said...

I too had to check the date - I was sure he would be on to say something about the Firhouse tragedy and bemoan the way men are treated differently etc.

JL Pagano said...

AHA - no wonder he went on Duffy this morning banging on about wasted license fees!

Omaniblog said...

Oh, I listened to that program, and enjoyed it. All these sincere songwriters who poured their souls into their songs and who got ignored by the bad folk at RTE. This is such an intimate community that people expect to have their work acknowledged.
But I like the way Joe plays it.