Saturday, February 25, 2006

Dublin Riots

If you go into town today, you're sure of a big surprise

THAT riot was something else in town today. I've been checking all the news sites, Flickr, Irishblogs and I'm seeing some bloody awful pictures.


Pic from O6scura. See more here.

It would appear to me from the coverage that the counter protestors were organised and probably have little to no links to Republican Sinn Fein. Looking at their age profile I wonder if this matches the age profile of RSF who I would put down as a lot older, but thats just my first impressions.

Either way it was dispicable behaviour.

And is it easy to say in hindsight but why on earth wasn't all this building material secured? Seriously a contentious march is planned to take place down O'Connell Street, a building site, and protestors are able to use this rubble, paving stones as weapons because it is lying in abundance at their feet.

The mind boggles.


-Ann said...

I agree with you entirely on the building site.

Anonymous said...

Allowing the Orangemen to march through Dublin is like letting the Klu Klux Klan march through New Orleans. No, its much worse. The Orange Order by its very doctrine are "Anti-Catholic, Anti-Irish" bigots. Aren't we forgetting that these people traditionally burn effeges of the Pope and the Irish National flag every year? Does anyone actually believe that had they been allowed to march through Dublin that they wouldn't have stopped outside that GPO to spit and bang their drums louder, just as they did once they reached Leinster House.

Allowing them to come to dublin in the first place is counter productive to the peace process, as it further alienates and isolates Republicans, causing deep anger and frustrations to explode into violence because they increasingly feel betrayed. The Irish state only encourages young men and women to join dissident Republican groups because they feel completely betrayed yet again. The Irish state should take note. Young men and women in pubs throughout N. Ireland can now evem be heard uttering the words, "Another Civil War is needed!"