Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Blog Widow

IT'S just not fair. Whoever said it was a dog’s life was obviously not a dog.

Take for example morning times in our house. I barely have time to do my morning ablutions before I am whisked back in and out the humans rush for the day.

After a long day away from me, they come home and I do all my tricks in what is usually a vain attempt to get some loving and possibly some of their dinner. Rarely works though.

The Young Wan is great with scraps. Sometimes bits of lovely delicious things come flying off her plate and fall on the floor, she thinks I am like a vacuum cleaner because I swoop in and eat them before they notice anything has even happened.

So as if not having company during the day is bad enough, or not getting the same dinner as them is bad enough but then the leader of the pack turns on her computer to ‘blog’.

Bloody great, what do you have to do to get played with here.


I beg you

The Blog Widow
All taken with the leader of the pack's mobile phone.

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KnackeredKaz said...

Awwww poor doggy! Hi, remember me? I minded you a few weeks ago. Come and live with meee! I wouldn't leave you to blog! Come on, come on with me!

Claire said...

Heh, better watch out Redmum, if you leave the pup alone with the laptop too much he'll become a blogaholic like the rest of us and you won't get near it at all.

Boliath said...

She's too sweet, my own madra is sympathising with her, never gets any bloody attention since that bloody child arrived, hrumph...

(There's something up with your RSS feed, it's not working for me anymore...)

Red Mum said...

Mmmmh Boliath,, dont know whats gone on and havent a clue how to sort it out.

Must do an investigation and tap a few buttons... Oh and rub my chin going 'mmmmm'.

Arrrghhh and I still have pics to sort out for you, will do it tomorrow.