Monday, January 16, 2006

Testing testing

I TRIED somewhat unsuccessfully to post here via Mozilla firefox and performancing (I think) on Friday afternoon and encountered some problems.

I like the whole idea of blogging being made as easy as firefox makes it seem, I also like having a number pages on one, with the excellent tab function enabling me to go from page to page while keeping my post on screen and visible. A very easy way to include links. I also like the way you can automatically add technorati tags easily.

Over the weekend I couldn't remember where I downloaded this blogging buddy thing that I have on my pc so I would also have it on my laptop. How and ever I have to say on the PC Firefox and the blogging companion looks cool and easy to use.

However on Friday, I decided to give it a whirl, so I wrote my post and it was ignored. I think I downloaded something else which rectified that but I can't be sure, I've a memory like a sieve.

Then I tried to add images from flickr the normal way I do by grabbing the html for the size I wanted.

This time it posted with the html post intact but not displaying any photo just the code.

Not knowing enough about what I was actually doing or where I was going wrong, I logged into blogger and posted there.

So now I am going to try to post this and a picture, though I may lose the pic if the dimensions do not work.

Here goesssss

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EWI said...

Yes, I've just discovered 'performancing' myself (through a reference to it on Atrios' blog). Fantastic.