Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Dead man walking

JUST watching Leaders’ Questions on RTE and the Taoiseach’s ‘not impressed’ comments on the scandalous news that one of Ireland’s largest building firms paid for painting work on the home of the self-promoting ‘Minister’ Ivor Callely.

ivorcallelly CallelyPic7-Speech

It is somewhat embarassing that the Taoiseach has been unable to contact Callely last night or this morning, I feel a great Gift Grub sketch coming up.

Mmmhhhh dead man walking as one of my colleagues put. He’ll be gone before the end of business maybe even lunchtime. The only question is will he resign or will he be sacked?

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Paige A Harrison said...

On one hand it seems too good for the conceited Mr C.

But on the other hand, he's been conceited and self-important for many years. The orchestrated campaign to oust him (PA turnover, Car offer, House Painting) makes me wonder will the real story of who he pissed off ever come out

Red Mum said...

As you say Paige the various stories as they have come out have been mad. Will we ever get to the bottom of it all, who knows!

I wonder as well who is dusting off their good suit in the hope of promotion.