Friday, November 25, 2005

RIP Georgie Best


Farewell to the legend

I am watching the news now and seeing the hoardes of photographers and reporters camped out in front of the hospital.

George Best's final hours

I know of few people, both growing up in Belfast, and in general who did not admire his football skills and as I write this I am listening to a piece on the radio about his career and you can hear the roar of a crowd as George scored one of his classic goals.

It’s a sad day.

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The Baz said...

The saddest day in sport history. One of a kind and a true genius player. The pic you chose is exactly how he should be remembered. Not many become legends in their lifetimes, yet becoming a legend in his early to mid 20s remains a truly stunning testament to the man. God bless him.

Boliath said...

Did you used to call your vest your Georgie Best?

My Mum did, I still do, what a pity my little fella will never experience the thrill of watching Georgie do his magic and make us all proud.

RIP Georgie, so sorry to see you go.

greengirl said...

I don't want to sound like the 'young wans' youre so fond of mentioning god he was a riiiaddde.....

Anonymous said...

Georgie was my soccer coahces child hood hero and he shared this with t he team and it inspired us all.