Thursday, November 10, 2005

IBCC Fundraising Event

GERRY McLaughlin has organised an IBCC fundraising event of ‘Poetry Reading and Song’ for 3pm on Sunday 13th November 2005 in the John Hewitt bar, lower Donegall Street, Belfast.

The words of Kate O’Brien, Frederico Garcia Lorca and Pablo Neruda will be read and performed by:-

Maria Gallego-Calderon (Spain)

Catherine Rojas-Olavarria (Chile)

Gerard McLaughlin

Gerry James

All welcome. Spread the word. I tried hard to find some links but couldn't. But I will look again.

And just to provide some colour to the post, here's a shot I took from the top deck of the bus as I went home on Monday evening. The rain was coming down in sheets and having waited for a while on the bus, I was delighted to see and delighted to be looking out at the wet city from my vantage point.

Evening gridlock in the rain

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