Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hard news...

*Sorry I fixed the link to the deodorant*

I CAME across this hard news story HA when it happened and laughed out loud at it, for many reasons as you will see if you have a read.

It concerns the theft of some deodorant cans in a shop in Portrush.
Lovely Portrush

This is an article that you would be hard-pushed to find in a small local newspaper; it just wouldn’t be newsy-sexy enough! Even if it is Lynx!!!


Only joking having spent a portion of my teenage years having my sense of smell assaulted by young men dousing themselves in this spray, I hate the stuff.

In fact I once went out with someone who appeared so cool at the time and then we found out he had won a year’s supply of Lynx in a competition, nice!

But back to my first news story, it is from January but the section for comments, all 171 of them, still attracts the odd response, the more recent being posted at the end of September. And it is the comments section that is well worth a goo, if you want to laugh out loud.

Deodorant cans stolen in Portrush.

I know I shouldn’t laugh at the next one, it is serious, it could have been dangerous, but still Oh my God! And again it’s the comments that provide the most laughs.

Police apologise after giving girl speed

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KnackeredKaz said...

I can't find the link on the deoderant cans one? Both links there lead to the speed story. Funny as hell though! Particularly the comments. The Irish wit really is second to none!

Tarragon said...

Lynx really should be banned under some UN convention.