Friday, October 14, 2005

Techie people needed to satisfy curiosity

THERE are so many techie people floating around POTB and Irishblogs I was wondering if any of you could satisfy my curiosity concerning something that keeps coming up over the last while in my visitor stats.

I have noticed very recently that some people have been coming to my blog via this kind of route.

(The previous are supposed to be one line but I needed to break it up to fit on the page.)

Sometimes when you hit this link its working and other times it isn't and you get the blogger 404 page. But the interesting thing for me is that the page you see is framed and you can click on the link at the top which says ‘show image alone’.

I have been doing this and have seen some of my Harry Potter book launch post pics showing up as well as my forays into Google Earth. They have also come from everywhere and it doesn't seem to be via my flickr account.

But most interesting has been one particular image which has been popping up a lot from this post.

Can anyone enlighten me?

So seeing as how its Friday again like the original post, here it is anyway.



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JL Pagano said...

I don't have an answer but I do have empathy. I have had the same thing for the past week with this pic..

The only thing I do know is that the link you put down is getting an error message because the link name is not complete. After that I'm as stumped as you. Hopefully your plea will be more fruitful than mine.

Michele said...

It sounds like google images have indexed you which is why you are getting referrals from there

planetpotato said...

Like Michele said - they're using

Bernie Irish said...

Google Images indexes Flickr images and I think the URL reflects someone searching for a Harry Potter image. Once they find it, they may be clicking onto your site for additional items.

Red Mum said...

Ahh, thanks a mill for the responses. I was just curious after seeing it for the first time recently.

Fi said...

I've noticed the same myself and couldn't figure it out either so thanks for asking the pertinent question!