Saturday, October 08, 2005

A new expression

I HAD to laugh the other week, heartily. One of the first letters home this year from herself’s school concerned the first parent association meeting and among the items of the evening was a lecture on how to help your teenager through the rough teenage years…

Oh plleeaaaseee. It’s not the teenager who needs help, it’s me, I need the bloody help, the young wan is delighted with herself – it’s the mother, okay parent, who needs to have their daughter/son/teenage monster understand what its like to be the parent of a teenager.

Maybe that’s the way forward… No seriously! Ach come on, work with me here!

Joking aside, I applaud the school for doing things like this, its great.

Maybe the lecture would explain why she has recently adopted this maddest expression that she thinks is surprise when asked about a particular thing.

For example my deodorant goes missing. A disaster in this household. I know women are supposed to blush, what can I say! Just that I wouldn’t be hugging people after a day without my deodorant, well who would?

So I ask her ‘where’s my deodorant?’

*blank look slowly turning into a mock-surprise look then comes the look of ahhhh*

‘Ehm whhhat?… OOhhh! Ehm No!’

And so on and so forth… and so on and so bloody forth. At the moment the amateur dramatics occur you know they are guilty. Without a shadow of a doubt.

It’s been a tough week here and one where I have been tested to the hilt and each time I am met with this new expression.

It’s driving me nuts.

So I am thinking of adopting some of my own. Still working on them though so you will have to come back to me on that one, course if you have any suggestions, work away!


Anonymous said...

Find her a boyfriend from MySpace.


That was sooooooooo wrong, wasn't it?

Steve said...

I think that there must be some sort of link between teenagers, some sort of ingrained response repertoire. You know like some animals just instintively know how to do something, well teenagers know how to wind the sh*t of of their parents. I know the look of surprise you mean, do you get the look of mock horror when you accuse them of doing something?(or not doing what they should have been)thats a classic.When the horror look appears I quite often duck down quickly. When they ask what I am doing, I say I thought there must be something horrible coming up behind me because of the look on your face, they dont find it funny..... but it amuses me lol

Red Mum said...

Ha Steve, that sounds like a cunning plan!

I do get the horror look immediately telling me that she did in fact do whatever it was I said, but I will definitely try the ducking method the next time if only to amuse myself.

bohemian said...

Three words... leave them be. But don't forget to help them when they get into sort of mess. Stay away with a close watch.