Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How much is your blog worth?

HOW much is your blog worth? Using the applet at this link from business.opportunities.biz now you can find out.

Here’s my attempt, so as you can imagine I’m keeping the day job.


Fi said...

try again using your full address http://etc! I bet you'll actually be worth something!

Zataod said...

It takes time. Once people find you and start linking to you, your blog value will skyrocket.

doris said...

It's a bit of fun this calculator - remember that!

However ;-) I do wonder how it is calculated because even my new Kebab Emails blog is worth $564.54 and Grans is worth $53,631.30 The Kebab blog has next to no incoming links and just a couple of outgoing links to Grans and Technorati. Your status on Technorati is much higher than Kebab. It is bizarre and illogical.

Does their calculator take into account links from newspaper articles? You've had a couple of recommendations haven't you?